On-Demand Freelance Work for Agencies

Hey there!

I'm a professional freelance full-stack web developer, with a history of assisting agencies in delivering creative web development projects for their clients.

f you’re an owner, partner, or product manager at a full-service agency, you often find yourself needing to expand your team to handle one-off project requests, or to facility development sprints under tight deadlines. As a freelancer full-stack developer I can slot into your existing team and workflow to supplement your development capacity at a moment’s notice.

How can I help?

tldr: I build custom websites, web applications & digital experiences to enterprise-grade scale

What role you want me in is entirely up to you. If you’re looking for a senior-level developer to lay out the foundational architecture of your web application, I can lead the project both in terms of code, and working with other team members to get them up to speed. Or the opposite, you might just want someone to come in and handle last-minute clean-up tasks, or tackle some work that’s more “in-the-weeds”, so to speak. No matter what level of involvement you need, I’m more than happy to act as a white-labelled member of your team on an as-needed basis, so that your client feels confident in your ability to get things done. With extensive experience in a wide array of web and software projects, and a problem-solving mindset – choosing to bring me onboard is both seamless and efficient.

What programming languages do you know?

tldr: I have an extensive history of working in different code bases and frameworks

The term “full-stack web developer” can mean a lot of things these days. In short, it means I work with a flexible stack of front and back-end technologies and can take a role on both (or either) side of your project. A lot of the time when working with agencies, I’ll focus solely on one aspect of the project (let’s say the front-end interface) while another developer focuses on the back-end (database and CMS); but having experience in both allows me to the connect the dots a lot more quickly. Here’s a semi-exhaustive list of languages and platforms I’ve worked with before:

What's my availability like for projects?

tldr: I'm available as-needed with a little notice, or on retainer should you have ongoing work

My availability, as with any freelancer, will depend on my workload at the point in time of which you reach out to me. Typically I’m not available for immediate work, unless it’s an emergency with a limited expectation for the number of hours you might need immediately. Usually, with a couple of weeks of notice, I can accommodate your development schedule and get things moving along – so the sooner you reach out to me, the sooner we can get something on the calendar.

As you know, projects change – even after they’ve begun. So typically my billing structure is configured as either an open hourly contract (perhaps with a set limit of hours per week, should you need to control costs) or as a fixed number of hours per development Sprint, if you’re working with an agile methodology.

To ensure availability in the near future for upcoming projects where you might need to start quickly or be more flexible, I’d be happy to establish a retainer agreement for a certain number of hours per week or per month – whatever makes the most sense for you.

What's it like working with me?

tldr: I try to help wherever I'm needed, as if I were a part of your in-house team

Communication is key on any project, and I typically find that regular, ongoing communication (such as through Slack, or daily stand-up meetings for Sprints) helps to keep projects on-time and on-budget while putting your client’s mind at ease that everything is on-track. I do my best at all times to be accessible by means on chat throughout the regular work day, and can often jump into meetings (either internally or with your client) at a moment’s notice if needed.

Unless I’m the sole developer on a project for you, I typically work via some form of GIT for version control and team collaboration, whether that’s GitHub, GitLab, or your favorite flavor of VCS. Not that it matters to most, but I’m a Windows guy – with JetBrains as my IDE of choice.

As is the case with most agencies, I often have to slot myself in as if I were a member of your in-house team; especially in regards to meetings with and project management with your client. I maintain professional and clear communication, and hope to represent your agency in it’s best light.

Over time as we work together and develop a relationship, we’ll find ourselves chatting non-stop on Slack (or whatever messaging tool you use) and having me jump into a task will be as simple as sending me a quick message or email. I try to be as flexible and accessible as possible, so you can worry less about managing another team member and more about getting actual work done.

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