Case Study:™ API Platform

UX and Front-End Development

Professional Q/A and consulting for Dolby's newest product, an API platform for transforming media and communications

Will a rapidly approaching deadline, I worked to provide detailed Q/A and implementation to align the new website with their brand guidelines; and to clean up the SCSS code for production.™ API Platform Preview in a New Window

Project Details is an API platform that enhances digital content, including an interactivity and media processing API.

When it came time to launch their brand new landing page and documentation website for the service, they worked with a team that laid out the initial content flow and design styles; preferring quick turn-around times over design accuracy. They then needed someone to step in and perform last minute Q/A changes, and to make sure that their code both worked well across multiple device breakpoints, and was well structured for extensibility.

That's when I joined the team, working to ensure that every page was pixel perfect, by comparing actual code across real devices to the high-resolution PDF mock-ups that Dolby was able to provide from their Sketch files. A lot of this work needed to happen with 24 hours - the clock was ticking. From small tweaks such as margin and padding adjustments for consistent spacing, to larger changes such as implementing custom dropdown menus; I ended up working overnight and through the weekend to bring it all together.

A lot of the work involved streamlining and centralizing code via refactors. A lot of common elements such as buttons, headlines and form fields needed consistent classes that could be used across the board. Core elements of the UI framework (headers, footers, typography, etc.) needed to be modified to use BEM class structure; and individual pages needed more definitive CSS selectors to avoid conflicts. In terms of SCSS, working to define these separations within well-organized and commented imports helped to significantly clean-up the codebase.

The end result was approved and integrated by the team at Dolby, and put live shortly thereafter with the launch of the new website - with open access for developers to create an account and start manipulating and enhancing media using their API service.™ API Platform
Joshua Haas

"Simon was very responsive and delivered exactly what I asked for. His communication was great and got all the work done quickly.”

Joshua Haas

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