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Single-Page Web Application Development

Connecting consumers with lenders & mortgage brokers to secure free loan quotes.

Loangooroo helps people to find the right loan for their needs, and we made that easier with an intuitive, seamless form that guides them through the process.


Project Details

The Loangooroo application was built within a few days (in just under 1K lines of code) upon an AWS infrastructure. We used Vue.js to power the interactivity - allowing the application to efficiently manage it's state and collect data for submission.

Besides basic options and form inputs, the application uses some intuitive question flows to show appropriate questions when needed - making sure everything is validated along the way. We also included some technology to allow traversal backwards in these flows, in case a user needs to review or edit a previous answer.

When a user submits their data, we helped Loangooroo to connect via API to their lead processing service - ensuring all the data gets handed over correctly and that the experience is seamless for the end user.

Natanel Arnson

"Had a great time working with Simon. He knows about so many aspects of web development, and always takes the initiative to go above and beyond. This is the best freelancer experience I've had. Pleasant, reliable, timely, and on the ball.”

Natanel Arnson


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