Case Study:

MaxTV Roku Channel

Enterprise Scale Video Streaming Platform

Streaming 50+ years worth of video content (250TB) across the nation to franchise locations

We built and deployed a 24/7 streaming channel with extensive functionality - user uploads, automatic captions, customization & so much more.

MaxTV Roku Channel

Project Details

Max Living promotes healthy living to patients nationwide, and they needed a patient education video platform to support that in their franchise offices. They wanted to be able to upload videos that would play in all of their offices, while allowing individual offices to upload and promote their own content as well.

We set to work creating a platform that would become the flagship product for internal franchise video streaming on the market. The technology was built upon the Roku player, with a powerful administrative web application for corporate management.

The web application exists as a AWS load-balanced environment, to handle dynamic video encoding in real-time, no matter how many videos are uploaded simultaneously. We also integrated with other API-driven platforms to support customizable local event promotions, geolocation, and automatic (crowd-sourced) closed captions for large volumes of video content.

MaxTV is available 24/7 in the waiting areas of hundreds of offices – who use it to educate their patients on how to live a healthier life, while promoting their upcoming events.

MaxTV Roku Channel MaxTV Roku Channel MaxTV Roku Channel
B.J. Hardick, D.C.

"This is an amazing solution - thank you! Our clients are going to absolutely love this. Incredible work, as always!”

B.J. Hardick, D.C.

Max Living

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