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Putting the finishing touch on a new website for Proliance Surgeons

Proliance Surgeons has been helping the people of Washington get and stay healthy for over 20 years, and so has their website. When it came time to update that, they worked with the team at White Rhino to design a brand new web experience. I was asked to step into the project midway to provide insight towards some of the more complex challenges they faced, along with a general polishing touch, and to help them get the website live within a new HIPAA-compliant dev-ops environment.

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Project Details

This website, designed and initially put together by the talented team at White Rhino (an agency based out of Boston), was built as a WordPress application using a custom theme and Elementor for ease-of-content editing. Proliance Surgeons wanted to make navigating the website and searching for doctors a more palatable experience; significantly overhauling the look & feel of the Proliance Surgeons web presence in the process. But as with all projects, deadlines kept creeping closer and closer.

That's when the agency asked me to jump in and support the team, and to work alongside some talented developers to put the finishing touches on the project - from animations, to Q/A and conditional logic driving the sales funnel and patient-facing forms. I always say that I'm happy to jump in at any point and fit into whatever role is needed, and this project certainly demanded that - I had to learn the entire platform architecture very quickly, and extensively, as the challenges ahead were some of their more pressing and daunting ones. Elementor is notorious for having some serious limitations when it comes to dynamic content, so we had to find creative solutions to pull data and move it around the site as needed for the design to work. On top of that, we put together a VueJS SPA for searching for doctors, locations, and other resources - that had to be tightly coupled with the data model used to connect those resources site-wide; using Swiftype to index content and provide results cross-domain.

Little did we know, that was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of technical challenges we'd face on this. Typically, going live with a website is a fairly smooth process that's well planned out and is able to be executed in a timely manner with reasonable system health and performance checks. But this website needed a significant level of in-depth dev-ops (working with multiple server instances, hostname routing, and opening firewalls up for remote database connections in a secure manner) as the system was required to be HIPAA-compliant. The server environment itself was locked down at the hardware level making even basic tasks like communicating over SFTP, employing GIT for version control, or installing an SSL certificate significantly more challenging.

That being said, thanks to a great team effort and some careful planning, we were able to get the new website running on production with no downtime whatsoever - which was certainly appreciated by the client. The intent is to continue to develop the website as Proliance Surgeon's needs evolve, and I look forward to seeing what's in store for this site in the future.

Proliance Surgeons
Teri Sun

"Thank you for going beyond the call of duty on this one. It's very much appreciated! We owe you big time!”

Teri Sun

White Rhino

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