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Front-End Landing Page Development

Building the public landing page for a high-performance, open-source dev project.

Vector is an open-source utility for collecting, transforming, and routing logs, metrics, and events. Alongside, we launched a one-page website showing how Vector's blistering fast performance beats out the competition.

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Project Details

To help build excitement across the web for this new open-source platform (built on Rust), I assisted's team in developing a brand new landing page that shows off the opportunities of using the new technology, along with it's performance versus traditional tools.

To make these comparisons clear, we used Vue.JS to load JSON comparison data that can be updated on the fly. Behind the scenes, that data is taken and converted into a bar chart displaying each provider and their relative performance metrics. We also connected the page to GitHub's API to allow for real-time milestones and latest release information to be displayed.

Beyond that custom functionality, significant work was performed to ensure a well thought-out experience on all devices and browsers, as we expected this project to be reviewed with a fine-tooth comb by the general developer community - it was quickly featured on Hacker News and retweeted by some very prominent development minds. Overall the reception has been mostly positive, with a lot of people contributing and excited to get started using the new technology - and I'm glad to have helped bring that to the community.

Vector – Vector –
Ben Johnson

"It was refreshing to work with a contractor that delivers high quality work with attention to detail. We would definitely work with Simon again.”

Ben Johnson

Founder / CTO @

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